Lack of Skilled Laborers slows Clark County Home Building

You may have heard: the building industry is booming. With plenty of land still available throughout Clark County, WA, and an improving economy driving the number of buyers interested in new construction, area builders have enjoyed a growth in productivity.

That’s good!

And, believe it or not, it’s also a little challenging.

With more and more houses, neighborhoods and planned communities popping up, there is a greater demand for highly skilled workers. Experienced tradesmen – plumbers, electricians, drywallers, etc. – are being pulled every which way and causing a strain for local builders.

What does this mean for those of us looking to build a home? It means you may need to sleep a few more nights in your current place before packing up for your dream home. For JB Homes, being able to provide quality homes with a personalized experience while remaining affordable is important.

Building top-notch homes in comfortable neighborhoods will take a little more time in the present.


Unstoppable Force, Immoveable Object

Local, experienced crews are being pulled not only by local builders, but national builders as well. The rocketing market has has caused even more strain. But the unwavering commitment to flexibility, customization, and giving customers access to the design and production of their new homes is of utmost importance to JB Homes.

And here we are. With several different floor plans, and even more combinations of interior designs, technological advances, and personal preferences, JB Homes refuses to use inexperienced journeymen or rush even the smallest of checklists. Which translates to longer production times.

So, yes – building top-notch homes in comfortable neighborhoods will take a little more time in the present. But with JB Homes, know the home you’ll be moving into is the way you want it, with nothing sacrificed for the sake of speed. JB Homes has been building homes for 40 years and has developed a proven approach – one that won’t be compromised by using inferior practices.

For more information on upcoming communities, or to get more information on the home-building process, contact JB Homes today.