Ridgefield, La Center, to experience residential growth

Rising house prices and scarcity of rentals spurred by an ever-growing population in the Portland/Vancouver, WA area has caused a clamor for solutions. But a few options to the North are on the horizon and may alleviate some of those concerns. Ridgefield, which is already experiencing some growth, and La Center are two cities on the verge of serious residential growth.

Ridgefield WA

For Ridgefield, which has been showing strong residential growth for the past few years, the expansion will continue.

“Ridgefield continues to be a desirable location, exhibiting strong growth for the last several years,” Paul Jeffries said. “It’s a community that supports quality growth, emphasizing the importance of public parks and trails.”

Ridgefield still has room to grow. JB Homes is already planning on lot sizes ranging from 6,600-11,000 square feet. With existing infrastructure in place – as well as a historic downtown area – Ridgefield is more than ready to welcome those moving up from the larger population base to the South. Plats and floor plans are in the process of being finalized and a completion of the selection process is targeted for May, 2017.

“There is an ample supply of open land and the infrastructure to support new housing,” Jeffries said. “We believe this will continue to be a great location for years to come.”

La Center WA

Just a bit further up Interstate 5 North is La Center, a smaller town known for its proximity to the Lewis River and casinos. But growth is just around the corner: The Cowlitz Ilani Casino is set to open in the spring of 2017. Employing up to 1,200 people, Ilani will swell the La Center population in the wink of an eye.

“Cowlitz ilani Casino will introduce between 800-1200 jobs, which will also stimulate growth and the need for additional housing,” Jeffries said. “The (casino exit) interchange project will facilitate planned development on both sides of the freeway.”

Along with the casino, Jeffries mentioned the relocation of the Department of Fish and Wildlife to Ridgefield (and it’s 100 full-time and 80 seasonal positions) as well as Clark College’s recent acquisition of land near a planned I-5/Highway 501 interchange as other population factors.

For more information on these upcoming communities, contact JB Homes.