Planned Subdivision and their advantages

For many homebuyers, pre-owned homes are the easiest solution to getting into a house. They are able to move in immediately, many are in established neighborhoods, and prices can be lower than new builds. But, in some cases, there are also built in “to-do” lists as well.

That reason alone is the reason so many opt for new construction. There is a longer wait, obviously, as floor plans are decided, finishes discussed, and construction takes place. But, if those new builds are in a planned subdivision, there can be several advantages.

For starters, the infrastructure can be put in place before the first foundation is poured. Certainly, other neighborhoods get this kind of planning, too. But with a planned community, everything is already in place instead of being as needed. Roads are completed and utilities placed at each lot. Adding these necessities on an as-needed basis can disrupt the very neighborhood they’re meant to serve.

Scotts Knoll Vancouver WA subdivision new homes
The Scotts Knoll new home construction subdivision in Vancouver WA.

Once the infrastructure is in place, the home building process can begin. In many communities, “spec” homes are built before any buyers in place. This way, prospective clients can walk around a home already built, taking notes of finishes and floorplans that might suit their needs. In some cases, new buyers can even choose their lot within the subdivision.

After the home design is agreed up, the construction can begin. Often, these planned subdivisions offer three or four different floorpans that can be altered. This can be another advantage of this kind of community: continuity. Sure, many buyers like an eclectic neighborhood, with several types of architecture all rolled together.

A planned neighborhood probably won’t satisfy those buyers. But, for those that enjoy a certain aesthetic will enjoy being surrounded by homes that are similar. Additionally, many of these neighborhoods will include consistent landscaping, fencing and irrigation.

Beyond the home, these communities also provide gathering places for the neighbors. This could be a picnic area, a playground or even walking trails around the neighborhood. Since these are already planned and in place, new home buyers can take advantage of them immediately.

Interested in looking at a planned subdivision? Contact JB Homes for more information about their available neighborhoods: Erickson Farms, Gaiser Estates, and Scotts Knoll.